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, it pursues it and in the course of doing so it reacts to incentives and pressure. we don't approve of its method but we understand its goals. iran is a familiar problem one with which we have plenty of experience. during the cold war, we managed decent prosperity in europe and asia containing armed soviet union and china. the principle is clear and we are still guaranteeing decent prosperity in asian with a north korea regime that is armed and on a weekly basis threatens to set villages on fire. it is known for its instability and support for terrorism. in that situation has been going on for over two decades and yet, there is a stable containment situation in which the indian economy has been prospering. it is often argued that iran is different because they the iranian regime is irrational. so much so it is impervious to the logic. it is assumed that iran's aim is to start a nuclear armageddon the minute it gets nuclear weapons. it is mandated to do so. there are plenty of american politicians that believe in the happen church but that does -- rapture. if iranians were driven in their f
. many of our democrat colleagues just don't seem to get it. throughout the fiscal cliff discussions the president and the democrats who control washington repeatedly refused to take any meaningful steps to make washington li within its means. that position is irresponsible, and fails to acknowledge what every family in america already knows. when you have no money in your account, and your credit cards are maxed out, then the spending must stop. that's the current financial reality facing america aps we turn our attention toward future discussions on the debt limit and the budget we must identify responsible ways to tackle washington's wasteful spending. so as the house returns for the 1 sp 9sdz congress in 2013 our resolution is clear. we're committed to making our economy stronger and healthier and getting our spending under control by making washington fully accountable to you. the hard working taxpayers of america. we're going to fight wasteful washington spending and deliver the accountability you demand and we call on the president and congressional democrats to join us in tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2